Mango Nice Cream

Now I think I speak for everyone when I say ice cream is the bomb. However, if we’re being honest I have zero self-control when it comes to ice cream and I cannot stop myself from eating a whole pint once I take that first bite.

So, once I learned how to make thick and creamy Nice Cream right at home, it was a game-changer! The secret is having your tamping tool on hand and ready to go. If you don’t have a tamping tool, you’ll have to add more liquid and will get a liquid smoothie instead of a thick bowl of nice cream.

If you haven’t heard of nice cream, it basically implies that we’re making a healthy version of ice cream! No tummy-aches, no bloating, no blood sugar swings, no crash, no breakouts, no regrets. Nice Cream almost always has bananas in it, but truthfully there are so many different flavors and versions of this, so be on the lookout for lots more yumminess to come! 

Today I’m sticking with a refreshing summer classic – mango. It’s fruity, light, and blends soooo well into a bowl of thick and creamy goodness. If you don’t want to use coconut or dairy based milk, check out my mini-post on choosing your milk!

The Recipe

1 frozen banana

2 c frozen mango

¾ c coconut milk or raw milk (pasture-raised)*

drizzle of raw local honey (optional)

probiotic boost (optional)

1. Add your frozen fruit to the blender and pour over your milk of choice.

2. If you’re adding any raw honey or probiotics then do this now. You can empty a couple of probiotic capsules into the blender or add a spoonful of plain, whole yogurt or kefir.

3. Put the lid on your blender and insert the tamping tool in through the top.

4. Turn the blender on low and immediately begin tamping down all around the blender.

5. Continuously tamp down all four corners of the nice cream as it blends, toggling the speed from low to medium-low.

6. Once it is thoroughly blended, scoop the nice cream out into a bowl and serve! You can eat it right up or garnish with fresh herbs, berries, flowers, coconut shreds, or nuts and seeds.

7. Optional: If you want the nice cream super duper thick, then feel free to pour it into a tupperware and freeze for a couple hours before eating.

Enjoy your Nice Cream!

xoxo Kelsey

As always we want to prioritize ingredients that are: local, pasture-raised, unrefined, fair trade, organic, and responsibly sourced whenever possible. I don’t list these next to my ingredients because I think it can be overwhelming when reading a recipe, but know that I prioritize all of these things whenever possible. They are both important and worth the extra cost.

“We need to stop calling local food expensive and start calling it valuable.” -@womenwhofarm

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