Choosing Your Milk

A fresh and frothy jar of homemade coconut milk.

There a lots of choices of milk these days. When you’re browsing recipes on my site, you can choose any milk you prefer – anytime. I will always give my recommendations, and if a specific type is needed for that recipe I’ll be sure and tell you.

I often choose to drink raw, local, and pasture-raised cow’s milk for myself because I want high fat content and lots of probiotics (and of course I love supporting local farmers). Remember, raw milk is RAW and it’s incredibly important you know where the milk is coming from, how the cows are raised, and how the milk is bottled.

This is a choice that is 100% up to you, so be educated and inform yourself before making any decisions. If you want me to talk more about this or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or send me a message. See the Real Milk website to learn more and find raw dairy farmers in your area!

Coconut milk is another wonderful and plant-based option rich in healthy saturated fats and other nutrients. I also love oat milk and cashew milk for their flavor and creaminess, but drink them less often because while they’re nutritious they don’t pack on the high fat content. Oat milk also has the added benefit of being super soothing to the nervous and digestive systems.

If you choose a nut, seed, or grain-based milk, I highly recommend two things.

1. Soak and rinse your nuts, grains, or seeds for at least six hours prior to making the milk. I am developing a free guide right now that outlines soaking times for alllll the different options – so get excited for it!

2. Add a fat source into your recipes to keep blood sugar levels stable and encourage proper absorption of fat-soluble nutrients. A few excellent options are: a scoop of pastured ghee, coconut oil, or MCT oil! If you’re making a smoothie or chia pudding, a little splash of probiotic yogurt or kefir is awesome as well.

Enjoy your milk!

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