just like the earth,

your body knows how to HEAL.

take your power back

are you ready to...

+ fall in love with self-care?

to remember your roots,

+ reconnect to the living world?

befriend your body,

incorporate the holistic foundations to 
healing with lyme + chronic illness
and find your SHINE again

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The journey to healing from chronic lyme + complex chronic illness can be a long road. Embarking on the path to healing is hard enough, but doing it while also facing a climate crisis? It can feel like just too much. You know this, and I'm right here walking the path with you. 

It has probably been years [or decades] since you first began experiencing symptoms of lyme. You might have experienced multiple tick bites, or perhaps never even knew you'd been bitten. Maybe you've been diagnosed with a spider bite, or series of viruses, or have a whole paragraph of diagnoses you've been given. And maybe you've *finally* received the diagnosis of chronic lyme, but finding an approach that actually works and fits into your lifestyle...feels impossible. 

I personally know that it's 100% possible to heal with chronic lyme + chronic illness, by reconnecting to our selves, our heritage, and the living world around us. I was able to manage my health for years without a diagnosis, but unfortunately a round of antibiotics caused an extreme herx that left me incapacitated. I'm sure this sounds familiar, and that you've experienced the up's and down's of different medications, diets, and protocols too. And, of course, those dreaded herx reactions. 

While all these approaches have their place, nothing is more important than building a healthy foundation and learning to trust your intuition. I don't want anyone to go through the same struggles I did, when there's clearly a better way. Like many other lyme warriors + lyme-literate practitioners, I know firsthand that you CAN heal without herxing. 

I believe, when we begin to work with the body and with nature, healing becomes inevitable

When you work with me 1:1, you will implement the foundational tools of herbal medicine, traditional nutrition, + nature connected living to experience greater immunity, vitality, clarity, energy, and JOY. Healing from chronic lyme doesn't have to be rocket science and you do not have to push through the pain. In fact, with the right tools, this journey can be deeply nourishing, graceful, and transformative. 

Remember that you are not alone, we're in this together, and healing IS possible. It starts with booking a curiosity call below. 


The podcast for spoonies + lymies healing themselves and the world. 

Honeybees are the ultimate spoonie. Just like us, they are facing a world filled with toxic pollution. And just like us, their health is suffering for it. 

This is our new reality and it is not normal. We’ve been dismissed and disconnected for  so long, we've forgotten what it feels like to be vital, radiant, connected, + energized human animals! And even scarier, we've forgotten what an abundant + biodiverse living world looks like. 

Because what we do to the earth, we do to ourselves. And just like this world, our bodies are wired to HEAL. 

The magic begins on 8/24!


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Kelsey is the creator behind Heritage Apothecaries. She is a Clinical Herbalist + Holistic Nutritionist, who has studied and worked in a variety of settings, from forest, field, + farm to apothecary + pharmacy, garnering 10+ years of experience along the way.

She believes what is good for people, is good for the planet. 


Kelsey works with clients to address chronic lyme + undiagnosed chronic illness. She is a lyme-literate practitioner, who lived with the undiagnosed condition for years.

She incorporates the rich traditions of vitalism + bioregional herbalism, among many others, acknowledging that all chronic illness is intimately interconnected with the climate crisis. As a former farmer and avid home gardener, she grows and wildcrafts many of the herbs used in the apothecary. 


Kelsey is currently based in the coastal southwest, and is enjoying growing native local herbs like Bee Balm, California Poppy, + Yerba Mansa. In addition to seeing 1:1 clients,  teaches classes [online + in-person] about herbal medicine, traditional nutrition, and nature-based living. Find her on instagram @kelseytheherbalist to learn about cultivating, cooking, + crafting healing foods and herbal medicines!


Tucked away in a lush coastal community along the Pacific Ocean, Heritage Apothecaries is filled with locally grown seasonal remedies, hand-gathered and crafted to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

Clients have exclusive access to a wide array of masterfully blended and formulated therapeutic herbal remedies custom made just for them.


 "I had some of my custom tincture blend for the first time today and I definitely feel more focused and more clarity. I don't know if it’s supposed to work that fast, but I’m here for it!!!"

*   *   *

"I can't live without the Inner Peace tincture Kelsey shared! My entire family was using it to help us relax and get to sleep during a stressful period, but now it's a favorite of mine that I use whenever my anxiety is ramped up."


"Kelsey is an incredibly skilled herbalist. I felt very listened to and cared for during my consultation with her. She is so knowledgeable with regards to human physiology and herbal medicine. The herbal formula she crafted for me not only fits my physical condition, but also my emotional and spiritual personality. Every time I take it, I feel a rush of care running through me, as Kelsey chose these herbs to work together with me in this specific time of my life. I highly recommend her services."


“Overall, I have felt a positive affect from regularly taking the tinctures! For a few weeks now, I have been consistently taking them every morning and just recently started morning and night. I’ve also been taking the recommendation to try to work less, have a relaxing sleep routine, and get more sleep, so it’s hard to directly correlate what’s what but I do feel a reduction in the negative symptoms that I began this process with – primarily stress, anxiety, and fatigue. I’ve also noticed that I have had actual “cravings” for the tinctures where they pop into my head and I clearly wanted to take some out of nowhere... I have only positive things to say about this experience and have felt in such great hands with Kelsey as we figure out the right protocol to meet me where I am”.