5 Reasons to Try Chamomile Tea

Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) tea is drunk by people the world over to instill calm and support healthy digestion. As you likely already know, this tea is safe to consume at all life stages and is probably the most popular herbal tea worldwide next to Mint. 

German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) happily blooming in my garden. The purple flowers in back are Anise Hyssop (Agastache foeniculum), another fabulous medicinal herb.

These sweet blooms are a favorite of native bees and self-seed prolifically. This means you might end up with a non-stop supply of Chamomile growing in a hearty little patch in your garden!  This medicinal plant was revered by ancient Egyptians and utilized to heal sickness, embalm the dead, and honor their goddesses and gods. The Greeks and Romans greatly valued this plant as well, and prominent physicians Hippocrates, Dioscorides, and Asclepiades among others all researched and wrote about this cheerful bloom prolifically.

Whether you are a tea drinker or not, here’s 5 reasons Chamomile tea today!

1. Chamomile flowers are anti-inflammatory!

This is reason enough to start drinking this herbal tea. We all know that chronic, low-grade inflammation plays a major role in many modern diseases and health concerns. Modern lifestyles tend to promote this kind of inflammation, but it is through lifestyle intervention that we can tackle this concern! A cup of Chamomile tea helps reduce systemic inflammation throughout the body, while specifically targeting inflamed tissues in the skin, digestive, and nervous systems.

2. Chamomile is a wonderful digestive aid.

This tea can reduce cramping, nausea, bloating, gas, indigestion, colic, and many other digestive complaints. Anyone who tends to get an upset stomach when anxious or stressed will really benefit from this herb, as it works with both the mind and gut to ease any imbalances or flare-ups. This creates a positive feedback loop that goes both ways as your stomach settles and mind calms down! Additionally, because Chamomile reduces muscle spasms it is a great choice for women during their menstrual cycle to help lessen painful cramps. Drink this tea daily or whenever an upset stomach arises to see benefits.

3. Chamomile helps relieve stress and anxiety, while encouraging sleep and relaxation!

If you’ve ever had a delicious, warm cup of Chamomile tea then you know what I’m talking about. This flower is mildly sedative and super relaxing, inducing a sense of peace and tranquility as soon as you begin sipping. This tea is the perfect choice for anyone who feels wired or overstimulated from work or too much caffeine and needs to settle down. It’s also great for anyone who can’t seem to fall asleep at night and finds themselves feeling energized and restless. If you are struggling with panic attacks Chamomile tea is a solid choice, but a concentrated tincture may be more effective for you. Lastly, this tea is balancing and uplifting for anyone dealing with mild depression, moodiness, or irritability. When you think of Chamomile tea, think of calm, peace, and relaxation.

4. Chamomile tea is an excellent remedy for the skin!

Anyone who suffers from acne, eczema, puffy eyes, insect bites, hives, a stye, sunburn, or another inflammatory skin condition will find this tea is a great tool to keep on hand. It’s as simple as brewing some chamomile tea, straining it well, and soaking a washcloth in the tea. Lay the soaked towel over the affected area and let the compress sit for at least 15 minutes. You’ll be amazed at how happy and transformed your skin will be afterwards! If you are using it as a compress over your eyes, be sure to strain the tea very well and lay with the towel over both closed eyes.

5. Historical evidence and new research suggests a myriad of other benefits from drinking Chamomile tea, ranging from: balancing blood sugar, to preventing cancer, to boosting immunity. 

Not all Chamomile teas are the same, as there are many brands of tea out there that contain additives, flavorings, and fillers. I prefer to buy loose leaf herbs, meaning the dried Chamomile flowers are whole and unbagged. If you are new to tea, then bagged Chamomile tea is perfectly fine. There are many brands available at the local grocery store that are great options. Traditional Medicinals is a great brand that is widely available and of high quality. Chamomile tea is naturally very sweet, but the longer you steep it the more bitter it gets. Start by steeping for just a few minutes and work your way up from there, until you find the sweet spot that you like best!

Oftentimes healing doesn’t need to be a complex formula, just a simple cup of tea.

I really enjoy working with single herbs, as it gives them the space to impart even more medicine (higher dosing) while my perception of the plant’s medicine deepens as I notice its effects on my mind and body. Try growing this beauty in your garden or home & have some Chamomile tea while you’re at it! These precious little blooms certainly pack a lot of healing into their tiny buds and I look forward to hearing how you all enjoy the tea.

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