9 Ways to Keep Your Liver Happy

1. Drink lots of water.

Make sure you’re drinking clean water that has been filtered. Having spring water delivered to your home in glass 5 gallon bottles is a great option. Add a pinch of unrefined sea salt and a squeeze of lemon juice to take it to the next level!

2. Eat fermented foods.

My two favorites for promoting liver health are beet kvass and any ferment made from cabbage, like sauerkraut and fermented cabbage juice.

3. Take bitters and eat bitter foods.

These foods include burdock, dandelion, yellow dock, chicory, and most leafy greens found at the market. My favorite bitters are based in apple cider vinegar and will revitalize your liver when taken daily.

4. Eat liver.

Pasture-raised liver, typically from beef or chicken, is an absolute superfood. It is wildly high in a number of fat-soluble vitamins, B vitamins, and minerals. There is no other food with a higher iron content than liver.

5. Eat fat.

Our bodies need lots of high-quality fats in our diet to function optimally. The liver is no exception.

6. Take a Milk Thistle tincture.

The seed of Milk Thistle is an excellent liver tonic containing the compound silymarin, which readily promotes liver function and overall health.

7. Supplement with Fermented Cod Liver Oil and a high quality Fish Oil.

This is a nutrient-dense supplement that is so beneficial for liver health and overall health!

8. Make bitter green juices.

I love making a juice several times a week from dandelion greens, fennel bulb, celery, and cucumber. It makes me feel energized and refreshed!

9. Reduce exposure to toxins.

Choose organic, local, raw, and pasture-raised foods. Clean your house out of chemical-based cleaners and switch to natural options. All it takes to keep a house clean is just a few items!

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